The Jewish Partisans

Jack’s group eventually reached safety with the Bielski Brothers partisan group in the dense Naliboki forest.

The Bielski base had developed into a little town with a bakery, a salami-maker, shoe workshops, tailoring and engineering workshops and, later, a tannery. Partisans from all over the region used to come to repair their guns, shoes and uniforms, and exchange flour for bread, cows for salami. In the forest the Jewish partisans had another enemy - the White Poles. Their slogan was "Poland without Jews and Communists" and many Jews who managed to escape from the ghettos were killed by them.

The Bielski group took an active part in fighting the enemy and in committing various acts of sabotage, which included blowing up bridges and cutting down telegraph posts. Over a period of six months in 1944, the Bielski fighters stopped the German trains for 51 hours, which was a great achievement. At 4 o'clock on the morning of June 22 1944, exactly three years after Germany started the terrible war against Russia, the Red Army began its great offensive on the Byelorussian front.